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I am seriously considering getting a Switch.

Moderator note: Please don't answer this question if you're only guessing. Until the game's release, the best source of information to answer this are the trailers which show some past-gen Pokemon.

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We don't know for sure. Unless the Pokemon company confirmed the Pokemon are in the game, it's not sure until the game comes out. I hope I helped :)
No Pokemon is exactly confirmed until the games come out, but it has been revealed that Mew is in the game, which means Mewtwo will most likely be to. Gyarados is in the games because it is seen in its Dynamaxed form in the trailer/teaser. Most mythical and legendary Pokémon will likely be excluded.
Because Sword and Shield don't have a National Pokedex, only Pokemon in the Galar Pokedex will be able to transfer to those games. The full extent of Galar's Pokedex is currently unknown, but the Sword and Shield pages under Pokemon Games on this site have a list of Pokemon that have already been confirmed to be in these games.
If you don't know, why are you answering?
Please read the question - and specifically the moderators note - carefully before answering.

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