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I am seriously considering getting a Switch.

Moderator note: Please don't answer this question if you're only guessing. Until the game's release, the best source of information to answer this are the trailers which show some past-gen Pokemon.

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We can't answer until the game is out.
Like Gekky said, we can't answer. But Gyarados was in the game trailer. And Arceus probably not, as it is an event Pokémon. Unless they change that for Mythicals.
I can't give you an exact answer, but, I believe Garchomp, Volcarona,  Gyarados, and Mewtwo will most likely be able to transfer. However, Arceus  most likely won't. Arceus is an event Pokemon  so, I'm not sure Arceus will get into the game
No. Arceus is the god of Pokémon. Imagine a Pokémon game with out a poke god.
Just because Dialga and Celebi isn't in a game time won't stop, or if there's any water Kyogre will be there.
Yeah but Arceus has been recognized by Pokémon fans for years as the strongest Pokémon. They can’t just remove that, right?
Some Pokémon have been confirmed by Serebii. Gyarados and Garchomp will definitely be included, have to wait for Mewtwo and Volcarona but there is a chance they could be added to the final list. Mewtwo has better odds, since the game will likely be pandering to newcomers and have more Kanto Pokémon. Mythical Pokémon other than those from Galar or Kanto are unlikely to be added in my opinion.
Garchomp confirmed?
My mistake, Garchomp isn't on there. Just Gyarados. Only a handful of the list has been confirmed so far, and the Nintendo message said they were trying to get more popular Pokémon in there, so hope is not lost for something like Garchomp. (For some reason Garbodor has been confirmed...)
Garbodor... I would prefer Arceus
We don't know for sure. Unless the Pokemon company confirmed the Pokemon are in the game, it's not sure until the game comes out. I hope I helped :)
No Pokemon is exactly confirmed until the games come out, but it has been revealed that Mew is in the game, which means Mewtwo will most likely be to. Gyarados is in the games because it is seen in its Dynamaxed form in the trailer/teaser. Most mythical and legendary Pokémon will likely be excluded.
Because Sword and Shield don't have a National Pokedex, only Pokemon in the Galar Pokedex will be able to transfer to those games. The full extent of Galar's Pokedex is currently unknown, but the Sword and Shield pages under Pokemon Games on this site have a list of Pokemon that have already been confirmed to be in these games.
If you don't know, why are you answering?
Please read the question - and specifically the moderators note - carefully before answering.
I don't know, but I hope any Pokemon will be able to be transferred over.  You need to get a Switch, they are awsome. Here are a few games that you can play on the switch. >>
Portal Knights, FortNight, Pokemon let's go Eevee or Pikachu, Minecraft, Zelda, Mario cart, Lego Ninjago video game, The lego movie video game, Lego worlds, Over cooked, and much more! (some of those I do play)
The Nintendo Switch is kinda lame tbh. 3Ds is better in my opinion. Maybe that’s slightly bias because of how much use I get from my old 3DS.
If I got a switch it would be just for SwSh. (I play LGPE on my MacBook Pro).

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Gyarados, Mewtwo are in the game currently.
Garchomp, Volcarona and Arceus aren't.
If DP remakes are released, you may be able to trade in Garchomp and Arceus.

Update: Garchomp and Volcarona are in via the DLC.
Likely, DP remakes will happen this generation and Arceus will be in too.

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