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I would like an answer from someone who has a least tried to use one.

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This question is fine in my opinion. Yes, AR is cheating but this is a basic question on whether it works or not. As long as we don't start having questions about AR codes and the like I don't mind.
Yes that is one of the reasons I dint mention any links .

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Yes it does , I tried it at a friends place and the codes that I tried were capture trainer pokemon , catch rate 100% , and walk through so they do work but not all sites could provide you with working codes so it will take some tries but you definitely find ones that work.

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I used one on black and when I pressed start it went on a blanc screen so it might not work but mines old and I manuely put the code in if you get the new one it may work

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I have a newer one and had to put the codes in manually. I ended up with the same result as you just with White.