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I want to know if he is worth training as a Dragon Dancer. If so besides Dragon Dance, Waterfall, and Earthquake which move should he know Stone Edge or Ice Fang.

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Yea!! Gyarados is worth training for sure despite his high disadvantage to electricity .
Obviously Adamant Nature and for that final move I suggest Ice Fang because Earthquake coves most types that rock would have and ice fang also help beating dragon types .

Overall none of them are going to prove that big an asset especially since you've got earthquake but if had to pick between the two then ice fang .

*Also- Stone edge good power but only 5 pp max 8 but ice fang enough for several battles with a decent power.

Jolly is better
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Gyarados is definitely worth training. With that high of attack you can hardly go wrong. Like unidenified said, he has a high disadvantage to electricity, but with his water AND flying types he doesn't have many weaknesses.

Personally I wouldn't teach my Gyarados any of those moves except for maybe Earthquake and Waterfall. Since he already has really high attack and Dragon Dance wouldn't do much use, except to maybe raise his speed a bit. Here's a better move set:

Waterfall (good STAB)
Ice Fang (yeah this is my choice instead of Stone Edge)
Earthquake (great coverage)

Hope this helps =)

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Waterfall is more reliable and his speed is average.
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I would definetily say he is worth it as a d-dancer.

And I would say you should use Ice Fang, to cover again't any dragon types that you run across.

So overall his moveset would look like this.

Waterfall ( STAB )
Earthquake ( Coverage )
Dragon Dance ( Stat Boosting )
Ice Fang ( Deals with dragons )