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I just obtained a Ash-Pika so I was wondering where is the Z-Crystal (Also if you're wondering why I am pretty boring this question it's midnight the time I posted this so I am really tired.)

Since z-crystals can't be traded; the Only way I know of, is if you get the actual event, he will be holding it.

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The event pikachu cap will probably be holding it. like snorlaxium Z was only available with the munchlax.
(this is assuming that the cap pikachu is still unreleased)

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Supposedly, there is going to be a pika with every hat. The one with ash's first hat(from indigo) was released in Japan for the new movie.(holding the crystal). A lot of people got clones/ people gave theirs away... so, if you get it that way(trade/gts) obviously there would be no z-crystal.