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so, I'm thinking of people like gligarman and mighty accelgor. how many are there and what are all of them? if you really want extra credit you could add links to the episodes they're in (quite a few in blaziken mask's case)

I think there are only three.
I know there are at least four
what, no answers?
you can probably find the answer on bulbapedia with a little bit of legwork.
I found this page ( https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Category:Characters_with_alter_egos ) and Gligirl. This might be helpful.
OOoooooh. there should totally be a "Best comment".
So...do you think you can answer your own question now?
Can I do that?
Yeah, if you find the answer before someone else answers you can (or in this case they answer it in the comments). The real question is why didn't sumwun answer himself?
I was too lazy to look through the entire list. Not all of them are superheros.
Most of them are heroes or villains. close enough.

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I guess I'll be answering this because everyone else seems too lazy to.
Mighty Accelguard (Charles)
Blaziken Mask (Meyer)
Gligarman (Mr. Parker)
Gligirl (Latoya Parker)

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Good enough.