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Hello, I'm playing Pokémon Sun and I caught an shiny Salandit, but it turn out to be a male, and I really wanted an female. Is it possible to encounter the same shiny Pokémon twice?

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unfortunately you are stuck with a male shiny. if you want/need shiny salazzle you will have to catch a second shiny salandit that is female. it is still possible to catch a second shiny salandit, but hard as all shiny encounters are and with only a 25% chance of getting a female. the male you have now you should just trade of to a friend for something good. you can catch multiple shinies of the same species, just not that same, individuall shiny salandit

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Thank you very much. I'll try and catch another shiny Salandit and hopefully it's a female haha. If not I'll try and trade it for a female.
it took me absolutely ages just to find a normal female salandit. good luck to you!