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once again asking dumb questions

dallas found a female shiny eevee in 2536 encounters hgss and said "what are the odds" and now I'm curious sksksksk

Edit: he used the game corner, full odds

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The chance of getting a shiny Eevee in Gen 4 is 1/8192, while the chance of getting a female Eevee is supposed to be 1/8, but due to a programming quirk, is rounded to 12.11% (as opposed to 12.5%). Multiplying these, we find that the chance of a female shiny Eevee (in any single encounter) is 0.001478271484375%.

To find the cumulative chance after 2536 encounters, we run it through the cumulative equation, B(n,p), and get
1 - (1 - 0.00001478271484375) ^ 2536 = 3.68%

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Correct me if my math is right.

1 / 8192 x 100 = 0,1220703125% chance (Shiny odds)

0,1220703125 / 2536 x 100 = 0,000481349812697% chance of finding a shiny after 2536 encounters.

Why do you divide by 2536?
"Correct me if my math is right" lol