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Would the cosmog thing lock if you change your internal clock?

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It would also help if you can say why I can't get Cosmog even through I did everything right

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Is Lunala/Solgaleo at the front of your party?
They are up front
Can't you just try it yourself?
The answer to why Cosmog isn't appearing is because if Solgaleo/Lunala is at the front of your party and it's night if you're playing sun in-game or day if you're playing Moon in-game then use Charizard to fly over to the Ula'Ula meadow, and run to the right and you should find a shrine. When you get to the end of it then when you get to the end of it a cutscene with both of the legends will play then Cosmog will appear.
The Cosmog thing apparently doesn't count as a time-based event.

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