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I learned the hard way the other day when I changed my DS's internal clock for Daylight Savings Time and wasn't able to do any of the Sun and Moon dailies for about 3 days. No loto, Treasure Hunt, Lomi Lomi massage, etc. super annoying
I understand Game Freak does this to prevent people from abusing the loto system, but 3 days is kind of ridiculous. Has anyone found a way to change the clock for DST without this happening?

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You could just not change it for daylight savings.
True, but it sucks that it has to be that way. :(

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it's actually 2 days, and no there's no way you can do that, though I think it's more worth to use poke pelago exploit to get bottle caps, friend berries and you can also get nuggets, pearls and etc. for money.

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How do you know that there's no way to do that?