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I'm currently EV training a three mon team for the battle tower in Emerald, and I'm trying to pick a speedy mon. I've pretty much decided on Raikou, but I can't figure out the most effective moveset to run. Right now I'm considering the following moveset:

(252 sp atk, 252 speed)
Rain Dance
Calm Mind

However, in realizing one fatal flaw. Yes Raikou will be able to outspeed a majority of its opponents, and yes I have calm mind, but in order to set up that Thunder, I need to spend a turn on rain Dance. Will Raikou be able to eat a hit or two before he dies or will he go down as soon as I get the rain Dance up? Thank you in advance.


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First, rain dance is pretty pointless because thunder in rain after one calm mind is weaker than thunderbolt after two calm minds. This is the moveset I would suggest.
Raikou @ lum berry
Ability: pressure
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
preferably timid nature
- calm mind
- thunderbolt
- ice hidden power (crunch if your hidden power type isn't ice)
- roar

If your Raikou has 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe, its nature doesn't affect its defenses, and it's level 50, it comes out to have 165 HP, 96 physical defense, and 120 special defense. Let's say something at level 50 with 100 base physical attack and 252 physical attack EVs hits Raikou with a base power 80 STAB physical attack, because that's pretty close to what will really happen. Its physical attack stat will be 152. If there are no other modifiers, this is the formula for damage.

(((2*level/5+2)*base power*attack stat)/(50*defense stat)+2)*random*3/2


Random is a random number ranging from 17/20 to 1. If you substitute numbers in, you get these two expressions, and the damage will be somewhere between the two.


According to Google calculator, you'll take between 73 and 86 damage. That means there's about a 3/4 chance you'll faint in three hits and a 1/4 chance you'll faint in two hits. Do whatever you want with that information. My advice would be to set up multiple times when facing a special attacker (because calm mind boosts special defense), once when facing a physical attacker, and don't set up at all if the opponent knows earthquake.

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Get a little bit on the Defense EV for Earthquake and other stuff, and 6 or so at Sp Defense.
Since it has high SP defense it should tank Stuff like Earth power Decent enough, and with that Calm Mind of yours. Maybe an earthquake can do about 4/7 HP of raikou. Thats what think. Also no need to worry because your Raikou is really speedy.

You do realize that earth power doesn't exist in Emerald.