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So, I was going to play my copy of Sapphire today when I realized something strange. It would not load so matter what I put the cartridge in. I put it in my DS Lite, it said "There is no game pak inserted" And I also put it in my GBA SP it wouldnt load. Is there something wrong in my cartridge? It has never done this before. It is not a fake copy, so I don't know what else can be wrong with it. If anyone has any idea why it's doing this, please let me know. Thnx!

@Distorted_palka That is not an answer, and the glitch on that YouTube video is not what my game is doing.
It could be your game is dusty and you might need to blow into the bottom of the cartridge to clear the dust out. Other then that I wouldn't be able to help you so I apologize it that isn't the case.
The cartridge is probably just busted somehow.
Do the infamous cartrige shuffle. it works for NES, should be good for gameboy
have u hacked your game recently
@Digital_Phantom it was just a joke sheesh.
@Arceus882 No, I don't even know how to hack.
why are these comments in the wrong order?
It was probably dropped in a liquid...
do the cartridge shuffle!

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The internal battery might have died. You would need to open the game case and replace the battery. :)

If the battery dies, the game can still be played normally, so this answer is incorrect.