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So, I was going to play my copy of Sapphire today when I realized something strange. It would not load so matter what I put the cartridge in. I put it in my DS Lite, it said "There is no game pak inserted" And I also put it in my GBA SP it wouldnt load. Is there something wrong in my cartridge? It has never done this before. It is not a fake copy, so I don't know what else can be wrong with it. If anyone has any idea why it's doing this, please let me know. Thnx!

@Digital_Phantom it was just a joke sheesh.
@Arceus882 No, I don't even know how to hack.
why are these comments in the wrong order?
It was probably dropped in a liquid...
do the cartridge shuffle!

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The internal battery might have died. You would need to open the game case and replace the battery. :)

If the battery dies, the game can still be played normally, so this answer is incorrect.