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In refresh I keep getting my mon's affection up to 5 hearts and it goes back down to one, how is this possible?

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I've looked everywhere to find information on this subject online but it's mostly all about traded mon's and amie. I have a Pokémon, actually it's happened with more than one, that I have caught in-game; I've gotten up to 5 hearts in refresh- suddenly there doing all those cool things they do, getting rid of status conditions, dodging - all that good stuff. But I check back a few days later after not feeding or playing with them or opening up refresh at all, and sure enough it's back to one heart. I'm not sure if the bonus's or the extra exp actually stayed- that's reallly all I care about, but the hearts keep going down. I thought once you had them full, they were there to stay. Does anyone know why this is happening or if they do still keep the benefits once they have gotten to 5. Thanks!

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This seems really bizarre. You're sure you're talking about the hearts and not the music notes?
do u save before u turn ur ds off?
Yeah. All that checks out. Can't be saves cause I've been EV training and everything is where I left off... and of course i mean hearts/affection - I'm sure it's not a silly over-sight like that because it's happend more than once at this point.
I'm almost starting to believe that "affection" in sun/moon works more like friendship/happiness; in the sense of, If you let them feint and certain herbs and whatnot. If that's not case mabye there's a glitch in the matrix du du dunnnn Says here that if you take lots of steps, some of their stats go down. Is this the answer you'er looking for?

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