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Question in title.

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What specific shade?
Dark Blue

Or just any of them in general?
Orange and purple are secondary colours. Any mix of orange-red, orange-yellow, blue-purple etc. is a tertiary colour. The only primary colours (in art at least) are blue/yellow/red and their different levels of chroma/saturation/value.
where do shiny pokemon come in place in this question
Shiny ones count I guess
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There are a total of 352 Pokemon that include a PRIMARY colour for most of their design.
Out of which:
102 are RED
170 are BLUE
80 are YELLOW

There are approximately total of 1129 different Pokemon (including all forms and genders but EXCLUDING shinies).
Hence we have:
1129-352= 777

There are, hence, 777 Pokemon (including all forms) that are NOT of a primary colour.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_color
Note: These may not be entirely accurate as there are different ways to calculate the total number of Pokemon individually. I think I took Pikachu's 4 Cosplay forms as just 1.

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Did you go off of the default color categorizations or did you check every single one for a primary color? Because for example, there's plenty of Pokemon classified as black that have red on them.
Also shiny ones
Bulbapedia: "This is a list of Pokémon by their color according to the Pokédex. While the actual colors of the Pokémon species can vary, the color listed in the Pokédex is usually the color most apparent or covering each Pokémon's body. No orange category exists; Pokémon that are primarily orange are listed as red or brown."

Pokemon are categorized by their most "apparent" colour according to the POKEDEX.

No, SHINY Pokemon are not included. That will be too complicated. I can't find any source that categorizes shiny sprites by colour.
If you want to leave out shinies I don't care, but the question is specifically asking for any use of primary colors within designs regardless of Pokedex classifications.
I'm sorry if I wasn't able to give you the exact answer you were looking for.
However, I have neither the time nor the visual capabilities to examine and classify every pixel of 1100 sprites.