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There are 35 Z-Crystals, including Buginium Z, Darkinium Z, Dragonium Z, Electrium Z, Farium Z, Fightinium Z, Firium Z, Flyinium Z, Ghostium Z, Grassium Z, Groundium Z, Icium Z, Normalium Z, Poisonium Z, Psychium Z, Rockium Z, Steelium Z, Waterium Z, Aloraicium Z, Decidium Z, Eevium Z, Incinium Z, Marshadium Z, Mewnium Z, Pikanium Z, Pikashunium Z, Primarium Z, Snorlium Z, Tapunium Z, Kommonium Z, Lunalium Z, Lycanium Z, Mimikium Z, Solgalium Z, and Ultranecrozium Z.

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In total, there are 29 Z-Crystals, one for each type and 11 crystals for individual Pokemon species.
It is possible to recieve more than one kind of Z-Crystal, though they cannot be traded.

They are the following:

-Buginium Z
-Darkinium Z
-Dragonium Z
-Electrium Z
-Farium Z
-Fightinium Z
-Firium Z
-Flyinium Z
-Ghostium Z
-Grassium Z
-Groundium Z
-Icium Z
-Normalium Z
-Poisonium Z
-Psychium Z
-Rockium Z
-Steelium Z
-Waterium Z
-Aloraicium Z (Alolan Raichu)
-Decidium Z (Decidueye)
-Eevium Z (Eevee)
-Incinium Z (Inciniroar)
-Marshadium Z (Marshadow)
-Mewnium Z (Mew)
-Pikanium Z (Pikachu)
-Pikashunium Z (Pikachu with a hat)
-Primarium Z (Primarina)
-Snorlium Z (Snorlax)
-Tapunium Z (Any one of the tapus)

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There are a total of 29 Z-Crystals that have been introduced by the Alola region.
These include 18 type-specific crystals and 11 Pokemon-specific ones.

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Prior to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, 6 new ones were introduced, making a new total of 35:

-Kommonium Z (Kommo-o)
-Lunalium Z (Lunala)
-Lycanium Z (Lycanroc)
-Mimikium Z (Mimikyu)
-Solgalium Z (Solgaleo)
-Ultranecrozium Z (Dusk Mane/Dawn Wings Necrozma)