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I've read that they can get blown up by Voltorb, swooped up by Pidgeotto, caught by fishhooks, and even overworked to death. How can I prevent my lovely Magikarp from meeting a messy end?

You can buy revives?
I don't see any Revives in the shop.
Don't make your Magikarp jump out of the water too many times. Pidgeotto will swoop and grab it. IT WILL BE GONE FOREVER.
Also if your Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, that counts as death. So don't tap Magikarp or you'll break his/her Everstone.
Wait death exists in the game? R.i.p my  shiny.

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Voltorb explosion when Magikarp approaches a Poke ball
Pidgeotto when Magikarp jumps for a berry
Evolution after losing a battle
Pidgeotto when Magikarp jumps repeatedly from a pond
Evolution after breaking everstone