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Battle Spot Singles and 6 vs 6 ou format

This guy is a pain in the ass sometimes to deal with

Can't even tell if its Ash-Greninja or Protean Greninja

What are some Pokemon that can Check Greninja?

Battle Spot and OU are very different. Which is it?
Toxapex and Chansey are allowed in both formats. They can usually switch into Greninja's attacks and heal off the damage, which allows you to tell what ability it has without too much risk. Then, you can toxic stall the Greninja.
Sorry about that.
Its battle spot singles.
I'm pretty sure Ash Greninja is not allowed in Battle Spot.

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Specially Defensive Tapu Fini: while Greninja may carry Gunk Shot, such is only occasional. Tapu Fini can easily stomach multiple special hits from Greninja.
Toxapex: while it uncommonly runs full Special Defense investment, Greninja never runs anything reliable that can super-effectively hit Toxapex, making it a great choice for reliably walling it.
Faster attackers: Greninja's frailty is immense, allowing powerful attackers to defeat it using neutral STAB attacks alone. This includes Choice Scarf users or stronger Pokemon with a Speed stat in excess of 122.
Mimikyu: with its ability, Mimikyu can freely stomach a hit from Greninja and OHKO it with Play Rough.

Also, Ash-Greninja is banned from the Battle Spot.

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You should probably also mention priority attacks. According to these statistics, about 40% of (amateurs') Greninja in BSS know gunk shot, so Tapu Fini wouldn't be very good of an idea.