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What I mean Battle is a Pokemon fighting each other, Things like Pokemon using Move to break stuff doesnt count as Battle(Like How brock did sudowoodo to use hammer arm on the floor to break it). For battle, Something like a quick battle does count. (Like how Pikachu used thunderbolt and instantly knocking paras out)
+Contest Episodes DOES NOT COUNT

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I want to know too. I am not interested in competitive episodes.
ikr, episode like teaching pokemon stuff? I really hope there will be an Episode how they teach about EVs. Does it exist? :P
maybe contest episodes?
idk. i think there is
Contest episodes only show moves only targetting the trainer or other moves used by pokemon so contest episodes don't count.
I know a BW episode where they met a rescue team and rescued people, does that count?
is there any battle there
Here are a bunch of "filler episodes" for all the seasons up to BW (with a distinction between real fillers and technical fillers, defined in the source). Some of these episodes may not have any fillers.

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I think the fist episode of sun and moon dose'nt have battle.