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So I want to use a Shuckle with Power Trick, but I'm kinda confused as to what nature would be the best. Since it switches its Attack with its Defense, would I want a nature that boosted Attack, or a nature that boosts Defense? Thanks

Maybe Brave will work as it boosts Attack (which it needs the most) and lowers Speed. (The stat it needs the least.)  I am posting this as a comment to prevent risk answers.
Ok so when I switch it's defense to its attack stat, then it will be boosted by a brave nature, and not by a defense boosting nature?

I guess what I'm asking is, how will a nature affect the swapped stats
For example, Shuckle can have a maximum defense stat of 614 with a beneficial nature. With only a neutral nature, it can have a possible 559 defense. So if I have brave nature on it, let's say, then after power trick, its 559 defense will become a 614 attack?
Actually, I've been poking around, and I've always almost seen people run Relaxed nature on their Power Trick Shuckle, which raises Defense and lowers Speed. Will someone please clarify which one is the best for Power Trick: Brave or Relaxed!???? Please and thank you

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I just tested it. Power trick swaps the actual stats, not the stat bases. In other words, a +Defense nature is better.


Alright then. I know nothing about competitive.
Thank you so so much I've been dying to know xD
In that case, I'm assuming that I should invest the EVs into the defense as well in order to get the maximum potential for the Power Trick!??
yes, you'll want to max out defense EVs