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So I'm trying to train an Aegislash, and as most everyone knows, you need it's speed stat to be garbage so you can take a hit in Shield Form, then attack, and then be able to go back to King's Shield as backup.

The problem is, my Aegislash happens to have a decent speed, and it outspeeds a lot of things I don't want it to. I bred it using Masuda method for the shiny, so I couldn't control its IV's. I guess I could've, but I gave it a power Weight for HP instead since I needed that maxed, and I didn't want to have to Hyper train it.

Anyway, I read online somewhere that the Frendship Cafes/Parlors reset not only a Pokémon's EV's, but also its IV's. I'm skeptical of this, but if it's true, that would be perfect! Can anyone confirm this??



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Secret Meals only reset EVs

If your Aegislash has 6/5 Speed Ivs, the secret meals (or sweet sets) in Festival Parlor wont make it have 1 IV, as that is something that cannot be changed in any way.
Here are the effects of secret meals in Festival Plaza:

Friendship Café

Friendship Parlor


Okay thank you. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. ;D Thanks for confirming