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Just got DW Tangela:

Hardy nature (neutral)
Regenerator ability
HP: Dark
IVs: 31/1/25/11/18/8
Sleep Powder
Seeb Bomb - RARE MOVE!!! (PtHGSS only!)

I was thinking about:
Rock Slide
Seed Bomb
Toxic / Stun Spore / Sleep Power

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Wow... I just traded my DW tangrowth away...
But...regenerator + seed bomb... :D

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I think that Tangela would be worth training....once it evolves. Tangela has bad stats, except when it comes to defense. Tangrowth has much better stats all around, except for special defense and speed. With Seed Bomb aand the Regenerator ability that would definitely make it worth training. Here's a moveset I would suggest:

Earthquake (great coverage)
Toxic (I taught mine it; great!!)
Seed Bomb (since it has it; and GREAT STAB)

Good luck and hope this helps =)

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Any EVs suggestions?
Sorry, didn't see your comment earlier. I would suggest speed. That way you can use the powerful attacks that Tangrowth can learn fast and effectively.
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Well after watching some Wi-Fi battles using a pesky tangela, I think it's worth training. Using the eviolite and pumping up its HP, Def, and Sp. Def EVs, it can be a great stall Pokemon.

Mine knows

  • Leech Seed
  • Sleep Powder
  • Toxic
  • Protect

Impish Nature

He can't stay in the whole time, though, so make sure you have a good team that could back him up.

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Sleep Powder + Toxic?
I have a Tangela with Regeneration and Sleep Powder, but I'm having trouble finding out how to teach it Leech Seed.
Your moveset is the exact one I'm trying to work on.
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No, its not. tangela kinda sucks, no offense, but train it if you want, I'd only keep it for trade, though

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