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say, it's a triple battle, trick room has been set up.
3 dunsparces. they ALL use rock slide. that means each Pokemon has a 14.4% chance of moving. under attract/confusion/paralysis, 7.2%, under 2 of them, 3.6%, under all of them, 1.8% under all of them.
is this too much setup or is this worth the 1.8% chance of moving

It's almost definitely too much setup to be worth it.
Btw, confusion got nerfed this gen; now there's only a 30% chance to hit yourself in confusion. Additionally, there is only a 25% chance for a paralyzed pokemon to be unable to move. The chance to move while affected by all three is actually ~3.76%.

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All the Pokemon that are viable with serene grace have max speed investment, which means they aren't intended for trick room. Therefore, there are no good trick room-serene grace combinations.