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Pokémon Bank is open for months now, so I'm moving my pokes from Pokémon Y to Pokémon Moon. My question is, can regional variants get their hidden abilities from their normal variant counterparts and vice versa? For example, my Vulpix from Pokémon Y has Drought; if I bred it with an Alolan Vulpix, will the Alolan Vulpix get a chance to have Snow Warning? (This is because my Vulpix from Y has 31 IVs to all & I don't want to search in the GTS for the Alolan one's hidden ability).

PS: I have researched about ball inheritance and they have a chance to inherit both their parents' balls (hehe). For example, Dream Ball Alolan Vulpix and Beast Ball normal variant Vulpix.

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Since Generation V, though, special mechanics have been introduced. These mechanics are effective even when the offspring is a different Regional variant from its parent.


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