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I really want a Serperior.


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Step 1: Go to the Menu and click "Island Scan" It should be marked a QR code.

Step 2: Scan 10 QR codes. To find QR codes look up "Island Scan QR Codes"

Step 3: It should tell you there's a Pokemon in a certain area of the island, go there.

Step 4: Catch it. If you want Serperior go use Island Scan on Thursday at Poni Island.

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You could also scan 5 special qr codes which give 20 points instead of 10.
Yeah, I forgot to mention that. Thanks for telling me!
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You need to use Island Scan on Poni Island on Thursdays. To use Island Scan you must have scanned enough QR codes to reach 100 points. Press X and select QR Scanner from the menu.
Then you go to the Island with the Pokemon you want on it.
You need to use Island Scan on Poni Island on Thursdays. Thats when Serperior is there.


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You go to the 'X' menu, open QR Code Scanner on the second page. Then scan the 10 QR codes needed and then select 'Island Scan.' (assuming you're on the right day and island you want to be on) This will give you an hour to find the Pokemon silhouetted.

Side Note: The Magerna QR code is worth 20 points, and lets you get Magerna in-game.