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I have a calm one, is it still good? Are modest and timid good too? What should I run with it if I decide to use calm?

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Yes Calm Roserade is pretty good (usually seen as a specially defensive spike setter), and Timid Roserade is more offensive (either for a fast sleeper or offensive hazard setter in Gen 6). Modest Roserade isn't seen too much because the extra speed is useful to outrun stuff, but Modest can work I suppose. If you're talking about Gen 6, Calm Roserade usually runs Synthesis, Spikes (or Toxic Spikes), Sleep Powder and either Giga Drain or Sludge Bomb (I don't know what gen you're referring to, but Spikes + Sleep Powder is illegal prior to Gen 6 so older Calm Roserades typically skip Sleep Powder for either both Giga Drain and Sludge Bomb or both types of Spikes)