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What Pokemon should I use and what moves, any items that are good to have etc.

In case it makes any difference. I'm going to try and find a shiny Bagon by S.O.S chaining.

Thank you, whoever may answer this :)

If you one day manage to get a shiny Salamence I will punch myself in the face.
You just boosted my motivation by triple <3

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Well, Pokemon wise, for S.O.S chaining you want tanky Pokemon, so bring Pokemon like snorlax, Trevenant, Toxapex, Zygarde(At least 50% Form!), Machamp,and Muk. For moves use ones that boost defensive stats, like Amnesia, Curse, Bulk Up, etc. Heal Pulse might actually be a good option if Bagon gets low on health. Rest is a good option if your Pokemon get low on health. For items obviously bring adrenaline orbs to lure out S.O.S help. If you have finished the alolan pokedex definitely bring the Shiny Charm. Good Luck!

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Thank you very much!

I'll wait some time before I give best answer though.