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So I’ve been prepping my in-game team in Virtual Console Pokémon Yellow, and I have two pokémon, a Scyther and a Porygon, that I want to transfer to my Pokémon Moon game, so I can evolve them into Scizor and Porygon2, respectively.

But I’ve been looking around online, and apparently, VC pokémon that evolve into later generation pokémon will be considered illegal by the hack check.

Can anyone confirm if this is true and/or if this has been fixed? Will they be tradeable? Will I be able to put them in Pokémon Bank if they’re evolved? Please, I don’t want to go through all the trouble if it won’t work.

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For a brief period of time after the Pokémon Bank update, if a Pokémon whose game of origin is a Generation I Virtual Console game but has been evolved into cross-generational evolution, the Pokémon is thought to be illegal and thus cannot be used on Battle Spot or traded.

It should work now.

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