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So I played Pokémon Yellow on the VIrtual Console all the way through with the intention of transferring all the Pokemon to Ultra Sun. For breeding and battle reasons, I need them to all be Males with Hardy natures among other things. I played through the whole game and transferred all the Pokemon. I seem to have gotten the Hardy natures on all of them, but some of them were female. The one thing I screwed up in was apparently how I checked the genders. I thought I made sure that the Attack DVs were over 7. Males need to have 8-15, right? I would check each Pokémon right away, before I battled with them. How do I ACCURATELY check the DVs of the Pokemon so that I don’t found out when it’s too late all over again?

When did this become about natures?
The short answer to this question is that there is no easy way to know for sure. If the calculator hasn’t worked, you should level up your Pokémon and track their Stat Exp intake, then enter the numbers in again. This will limit the effect of rounding and give you a more accurate answer.
I wouldn’t spend any more time finding calculators, guys. If one didn’t work, then it’s unlikely another will. The problem likely has to do with OP’s process.
Fizz, he mentioned natures because I did, but I also said the natures were correct when I transferred so I have them figured out. Anyway, your answer is likely THE answer. Just wanted to see if anyone had a way I wasn’t thinking of. Thanks for trying everyone. Wait, what does OP mean in this case?
It means ‘original poster’. Sorry, I should be clearer when I use terminology from outside this site.
I see, no worries.
Btw I posted nature because the asker mentioned all of their Pokemon turned out hardy. So I gave a chart in case they wanted to get a specific nature (especially for speeding up nature breeding and Legendary Pokemon). It is likely all of their transferred pokes are Lv: 100/Lv:1/have not gained any exp, which guarantees a Hardy nature. To solve, they'd have to gain exp until their last 1/2 digit(s) match the desired nature's value (on the list). I was helping :P

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I tested this out on my own copy of virtual console G/S/C and it worked, try seeing if it works for you. Another useful resource is Pokemon showdown, because you can create whatever Pokemon you need, and then adjust its DVs until the simulated Pokemon matches your in-game one. Just wondering, you do know that when they are transferred into usum, their DVs are irrelevant and instead replaced with 3 random max IVs? Anyways, I hoped the information provided helps you on your (strange) quest to find a good DV... actually you didn't specify but good luck anyways.

This is for gen 2.
I forgot to put the specific DV numbers in the post, I elaborated in the comments. Anyway, sorry, but what Rahat said. Yellow is Gen 1, GSC is 2.