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So, I was jumping through the rabbit hole called GTS in my Moon game, looking for a Heatmor, and saw a great number of Rhyperiors level 1-10. Infuriatingly enough, most were there for trades that after a few trades through, would give me that Heatmor. However:

a. They are clearly hacked
b. Impossible to actually achieve in-game due to that hacking
c. The trades are actually impossible (male ditto?!)

So, any explanation? And who is that Japenese account that appears on almost everything trading several of the same things, looking for the same thing with identical names and photos. Is this some user created event or just some troll?

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Oh, about those impossible trades from the same player (like those japanese ones at Suicune, Entei and Raikou) I believe they put it a long time ago, but they were banned, since some stuff is not even possible to search (like male ditto, male beldum, and so on). My guess is that when the game updated to version 1.2 these users were banned, but their leftovers stayed on the GTS. I think not even today's hacks are able to trade with them. The dude who explained it to me used to be my boyfriend, I told the overview down there. :-)

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Well, I hope I can answer your question quite well. Step by step, let's go:

1st- Are these Rhyperiors hacks? Yes. Since Rhyhorn evolves at Lv.42, the minimum level to have Rhyperior is 42.

2nd- How do these dudes make Rhyperiors Lv. 1 to 10? There are two methods: both use a 3rd party device whose name I am not going to say here due to Forum rules. I witnessed the process myself. It is pretty broken. And the Pokémon Online System doesn't detect it. And it won't so soon, but I hope this changes.

3rd- How do the methods work? One is hatching a hacked egg with an already evolved Rhyperior. But since a Rhyperior can't be hatched from an egg, it can't be traded or used online, the game says "There is a problem with your pokémon." when you try to wonder trade it or deposit it in GTS or Link Trade online. If you link trade it offline via Quick Link, the game doesn't say a single thing about it. The second method is getting a Rhyperior from GTS trading the normal way. Then, using this device, the dude changes Rhyperior's total experience to be 1 xp, so the Rhyperior he got from GTS will be Lv.1. Bingo! And since the original Rhyperior was traded, it won't be considered illegal AND can be used online. Then the dude uses the device to clone it and spam it through the whole GTS.

4th- The same dude can choose if it's shiny or not, adjust EVs, IVs, if it is shiny, its nature, its movepool and whatever you can imagine. Except its name.

The dude who showed me this is not my boyfriend anymore. That's not honest and I dumped him. It's just a game, but if you do it in a game, imagine what will you do in real life. : /

I hope I could answer all your doubts and sorry for English mistakes. I am Brazilian. xoxo ;-)

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Yes, these are hack-trolls, making fun of just how broken the hack check system and the GTS is, and they are oh so broken! My advise: stay away from that hell hole until it becomes a reliable system (which will probably be never). If you want a particular Pokémon, either wonder trade and hope that system is better (not likely), or go to the online trade forums and do a deal with some one.

Yeah. I got pretty lucky with someone asking for a Rattata for a Heatmor. I mean, you can chain but they get extreme rather quickly. Here's one I found that could have been useful if someone had decent trades:

Most Level 91 - Max Pokemon traded for a Palkia Level 41-50 traded for a Dialga traded for a Suicune traded for a Raikou traded for a Kyogre traded for a Heatmor

The Level 91 - Max only wanted to trade for other 91 - Max. Infuriating that that is the simplest way of getting a Heatmor. *Sigh*

At least I accidentally got a Shiny in 20 eggs. No joke, hunting for a specific nature and got a shiny instead. :P