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I'm playing Pokemon Moon, and I've decided i'll get hidden ability Eevee by SOS. And then I came to a block, Which should I use, Leafeon or Sylveon?
Appearance-wise and
fighting-wise. Also be reminded that I'm only talking about in-game, No competetive.
i have no friends so I cant compete with anyone ;-;
BUT JOKES ASIDE please answer ^^

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First, is this for in-game use or competitive use? If it's for competitive, what format? Different people have different opinions about appearances, so nobody can help you with deciding which one looks better.
If this is for in-game, then go with Leafeon because it's a lot faster, and speed matters.
If you're basing this decision on Hidden ability alone,  go with Sylveon, because it's ability Pixilate will be much more usefull. Unless you were to teach Leafeon Sunny Day and get a speed boost. And inany case, you would be better off with a Leaf Guard Leafeon. In my opinion.
Yes, but Sylveon is already a Fairy-type and can learn Fairy-type moves. So, I think its Pixilate HA doesn't utilize its moves (I know that Pixilate STAB Hyper Beam is by far the strongest move of its type) in a unique manner (Except for Mega Pinsir, which gains the Flying-type and gets STAB for its "previously Normal-type" moves upon Mega Evolving). For appearance purposes, Sylveon is the cutest. As for combat purposes, Sylveon is strongest in Special Defense, whereas Leafeon is strongest in Defense. As Jacksepticeye says, "SPEEEEEED IS KEEEEEEEEY!".

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In Game:
I would go with Sylveon. With it's hidden ability, it gets a STAB 72 base bower move(Swift) at just level 17. Also, it can evolve right when you catch it. Just feed it a rainbow bean, and you already have Baby Doll Eyes. Leafeon is faster, but it has two weaknesses. First of all, it doesn't evolve until the Grass Trial. Also, it doesn't learn a physical grass move until level 45 besides Razor Leaf.
As for Smogon, it depends on the format. As for the Battle Spot, Sylveon is the way to go. Not only is Pixilate useful In-Game but it's great in Competitive. Hyper Voice becomes super-powerful, and Sylveon's coverage is much better than Leafeon. While Leafeon gets a strength boost in Doubles with Chlorophyl, so does Sylveon, as it can target both foes with Pixilate Hyper Voice.

I still think Leafeon is better for in-game, because having base 65 speed makes the Pokemon quite slow and annoying to use.
Doesn't Sylveon has base 60 speed? Still, good point. Especially since the majority of Sun and Moon Pokémon are slow as heck.