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I'm trying a new combo, using these mons:

Drifblim @ Sitrus Berry
Careful Nature
Stockpile, Minimize, Baton Pass


Ninjask @ Focus Sash
Speed Boost
Jolly Nature
Protect, Swords Dance, and Baton Pass

And finally into

Aggron @ Aggronite
Brick Break, Rock Slide, Earthquake, and Heavy Slam

So my Mega Aggron has a base Speed stat of 102 at level 50, which means that after +6 Speed Boost, the speed would be at 408.

So how would Unburden affect that? Would it double the stat to a stupid speed of 816? Or would it raise it by 2 stages, making it 510?

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Aggron's speed would still be at 408, because you can't Baton Pass the boost of Unburden.
I tested using Accelgor, so I can get Unburden to activate more quickly with Super Fang, as shown in the replay.


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