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I have an empoleon. And I did the calculations of how fast it would be if I used agility one time. And I got a speed tie with aerodactyl.
252 Speed/252 Special Attack
at level 100 empoleon's speed is
219, And with the agility (Double Speed)
It's at 438, But when I battled with empoleon at showdown an heliolisk outsped me
And at level 100 Heliolisk has 348 speed.


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It was probably holding a choice scarf.
Probably not.
Empoleon may have outspeeded beedrill if it was timid or some nature like that.

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Mega Beedrill tops at 427, whereas by your own calcs Agility Empoleon is 438, so it will outspeed, unless M-Beedrill has positive speed modifiers.

As for the Heliolisk, sumwun is absolutely right, it must have been Scarfed which gives it a whopping 522 speed.

Scarfed Heliolisk is uncommon, but not rare, so it is very probable you ran into one. (Life Orb, Specs and Scarf are the most used, imo). This is specifically to counter the fast but frail Pokemon and OHKO them (mostly to revenge kill)

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