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Absol 81/145. Is doom news cancelled if absol is knocked out before the end if your opponents turn?

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I don't see why it would be cancelled, but then again, I haven't played the TCG in, I think, 5 years?

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Well, according to the card - it states that after the move is used, you replace all Energy back in your hand. The defending Pokemon will be knocked out after your opponent's next turn - this meaning that this scenario will work, once the move is used - regardless of you, Absol, is knocked out.

Think of this move like Perish Song, those Pokemon who stay within the 3-turns of which the move is used, will be knocked out, unless a Pokemon is already fainted or switched out. In this case, the move only works for the opponent, and lasts 2 turns (as it will be knocked out after the end of their next turn).

This is the most logical assumption I can think of, and I'm 90% sure this is the intended scenario.

Hope this helps! :)

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