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Item: None
Moves: Air Slash, Energy Ball, Double Team, and Leech Seed

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what pokemon do you have?
Use a toxic stall Chansey.

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Well, Shaymin Sky Forme is weak to Fire(2x), Ice(4x), Poison(2x), Flying(2x), and Rock(2x). So, I'd recommend you use these type combinations since they resist both Grass and Flying: (~=resists both Grass and Flying, but is not a type that Shaymin Sky Forme is weak to)

Electric/Dragon~ (Zekrom can learn Flying-[Fly] and Rock-type moves; Mega Ampharos can learn Fire Punch + Power Gem)
Electric/Steel~ (Togedemaru can learn Rollout)
Psychic/Steel~ (Mega Metagross can learn Poison-[Sludge Bomb], Flying-[Aerial Ace], and Rock-type moves; Jirachi can learn Aerial Ace; Brongzong can learn Rock-type moves; Solgaleo can learn Fire- and Rock-type moves)
Ghost/Steel~ (Aegislash can learn Flying-[Aerial Ace] and Rock-type moves)
Dragon/Steel~ (Dialga can learn Fire-, Ice-, Flying-[Aerial Ace], and Rock-type moves)
Dark/Steel~ (Bisharp can learn Poison-[Poison Jab], Flying-[Aerial Ace], and Rock-type moves)
Steel/-~ (Registeel can learn Flying-[Aerial Ace] and Rock-type moves; Mega Aggron can learn Fire-, Ice-, Flying-[Aerial Ace], and Rock-type moves)
Steel/Fairy~ (Mega Mawile can learn Fire-, Ice-, Poison-[Sludge Bomb], and Rock-type moves; Magearna can learn Ice-[Aurora/Ice Beam]type moves)

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Type combos that do not exist but still resist both Grass and Flying are as follows:

A Pokemon doesn't need to resist Shaymin's attacks in order to defeat Shaymin. For example, a Marshadow with a choice scarf and ice punch will reliably one-shot the Shaymin despite resisting none of its attacks.
If they resist its attacks, then they won't take much damage from Shaymin. Also, they would be able to take it out with Fire, Ice, Flying,  Poison,  or Rock moves.
Resisting all its attacks will very likely work, and I'm not trying to say that it doesn't work. I'm saying that there are other good ways to defeat this Shaymin, and that your answer is incomplete.
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Since Sky form Shaymin is fast and ice moves are 4x effective to him you'll need faster Pokemon than him with any good ice move or a Pokemon with good attack state and got ice shard.

An example for a faster than Sky Shaymin with good ice moves is:

Ash Greninja(Ice beam learned by TM)

Mega Lopunny(Ice Punch egg move)

Mega Alakazam(Ice Punch egg move)

Mega Gengar(Ice Punch egg move)
There is more but I can't write them all.

Speed attack or normal form Deoxys(Ice beam learned by TM)

An example of a Pokemon with good state attack and have Ice Shard is:

Sneasel(lvl 47)

Donphan(Egg move)

Mega Abomasnow(lvl26)


Last way is to bring any bulky in sp.defense Pokemon.
For example:

Heatran can 1 hit K.O the Shaymin with a fire move.

Lugia is VERY bulky in sp.defense so Shaymin will be easy for it.It can use Ice beam and finish it up.

Regice is bulky too and uses icy wind to end up the Shaymin.

But since Regice Lugia and Heatran are hard to get you can use:

Bronzong is got good at sp.defence and its steel type will help it.It can use 2 clam mind and then recover by rest and then use toxic and keep recovering until the Shaymin faints.

Sylveon will simply use Draining Kiss until the Shaymin is dead.

Thanks for reading and hope this will help you out.

Alakazam and Gengar both have pretty low physical attack, so they can't deal enough damage with ice punch. Using slower stuff like Regice, Bronzong, and Sylveon is risky because of double team and serene grace-boosted air slash.