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I'd like to know if the Pokemon are maxed, but to my knowledge there's no way to check things like IVs, or whatever the equivalent is in Gen 1, in RBY...

The best way I know is to put your current stat and level into the stat formula and solve for the number of EVs.
Calculate using an online calculators for dvs(the old school version of ivs) evs don;t exist in gen one

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According to Bulbapedia, no methods of IV evaluation exist before Pokemon Emerald. This was because developers initially aimed to make the Pokemon seem as realistic as possible, rather than as products of numeracy and mathematics. This aim is firmly established in Gen I with the absence of an IV judge, but this aim has become less of a priority as gamers have discovered the presence of IVs and EVs over time.

The only way you could find out a Pokemon's IVs is through the use of the equation presented in the above link.

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