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This is for Pokémon Moon.
My team currently consists of:
Mega Charizard X
And I don't know who I should choose for the 6th slot. Somone help?

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What are you trying to do with the team? I'm asking because it seems that you've already beaten the main story.
I'm trying to make a competitive team.
What format?

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Well, for starters, Tyranitar has better stats than Nidoking even without its mega evolution, and has a much wider movepool. With access to Ice Fang, Dragon Dance, and Thrash it can be very powerful. However, Tyranitar has 7 weaknesses, giving it a heavy disadvantage. Nidoking only has four weaknesses, but doesn't have many moves to choose from. In my opinion, I'd choose Tyranitar. It has better stats and moves.

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Thanks a ton!