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I understand that weather conditions cannot eliminate the "strong winds" (also, that the ability cannot be bypassed by Mold Breaker, but can be bypassed by Cloud Nine and Air Lock) and the condition lasts until Rayquaza switches out.

I am concerned about this part of the Pokédex entry for Delta Stream:

Electric-, Ice-, and Rock-type moves deal normal damage to any Flying-type Pokémon in battle instead of being super-effective.

Since Rayquaza is a part-Flying-type, does this apply to its own weaknesses? Would it, then, be weak to Ice-, Dragon-, and Fairy-type moves (and resist Fire-, Water-, Electric, and Grass-type moves), or would it keep its weaknesses and resistances of a Dragon/Flying-type?

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So, if Mega Rayquaza and Tornadus were paired together in a double battle, would Delta Stream make Tornadus have no weaknesses? It does make Flying-type weaknesses become normal damage, therefore, Tornadus would only be immune to Ground and resist Grass, Fighting,  and Bug.
Yes, Tornadus would have no weaknesses if Delta Stream is active.
But, what about Mega Rayquaza, a Dragon/FLYING-type? Would it resist Electric and have a weakness to Ice (2x instead of 4x?)?
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Ok. Thank you.

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Yes, it keeps its Dragon/Flying typing, weaknesses, and resistances. It still gets STAB on Flying attacks, it's still immune to Ground attacks, and still resists Fighting, Fire, and Water attacks. Delta Stream removes its Flying weaknesses, but not its Flying typing.

I hope this helps :)

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Ok, thank you. So it still resists Fire, Water, Grass (1/4), Fighting, and Bug; and weak to Ice (2x?), Dragon, and Fairy. Correct?