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Red has the pokemon with the highest level as far as I am aware.

he is on the of mount silver in heartgold and soul silver. All of his

pokemon are in there 80s he has the last evolved forms of the Kanto

starters, lapras, snorlax, and a pikachu with the same move set as

ash's. As you will notice red is ash with a differant name and is a lot

stronger and his pikachu will go down with mewtwo's psychic. Enjoy

beating red

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I would just like to say red is not ash. Ash is a pathetic loser. RED IS THE STRONGEST POKEMON TRAINER EVER!! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!. If you don't believe me look it up. There is a whole story behind red. He became the kanto league champion when he was only 11!! Yea he might look like ash a little but that is red's look. Red hat yellow backpack that's him.
Yes but he is modeled after ash. yes I agree ash is a cheesey over dramatic gulible dolt and red is extremely powerful but still he is suppost to be ash. Ash is stupid and I mean seriously he falls for team rockets disguises I MEAN HOW MANY TRIOS CONSISTING OF A MAN WITH PURPLE HAIR A WOMAN WITH PINK HAIR AND A TALKING MEOWTH CAN THERE BE!!
Okay okay okay. It kind of bothers me that for two freaking years no one fixed this, but the anime came after the original Pokemon games. Red was the main character of them, meaning Ash came after Red. Ash was loosely based after Red, but obviously they are very different. For instance, Red has the highest level Pokemon team in any Pokemon game. Compared to Ash, who is a mediocre trainer who could not win almost anything, Red is obviously the better trainer. Not only that, Red obtained championship at age 11. That idiot Ash after many, many, seasons cannot do anything after so many seasons of that show. Red is NOT Ash renamed. Ash can't even come close to how strong Red is.
If Ash beats the Pokemon League and beats everyone, then what?? The story is over. He has nothing to achieve. They make him lose on purpose to keep the show going. Red & Ash are pretty much equal.