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Lugia can not learn Aeroblast in Gold. If you want it in Gold, you will need to catch it in Silver, and have it learn Aeroblast at lvl1. Otherwise, talk to the Move Reminder in Blackthorn City. If you catch it in Silver, it should know Aeroblast.

Or, in Pokemon Stadium, you can relearn one move after beating the champion, so you can have Lugia learn Aeroblast.

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So in Silver, he should already know it when I catch him?
He doesn't know Aeroblast when you battle/catch him - can only learn it at lvl1.
Can't the Lugia from Gold learn aeroblast from the move reminder?
I just read that you catch him at Level 40 in Silver. So he should know Aeroblast. In Gold, you catch him much later and he won't know it.
Yeah, I caught Lugia in my hard copy of Silver a long time ago, it knows Aeroblast.
Well that interesting. Well, take @Luna's word for it.