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So, I was randomly poking through the base stat totals of Starters, and I looked at the Generation V Starters. All the final-evolved forms have base stat totals of 528. Is there a reason for this, or did Pokémon just decide to make it that way...?

(Sorry if this question was already asked, as far as I searched I couldn't see any question like this one.)


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Well, looking at a base stat total is one thing, but then you should compare it to moves and abilities, and you might find it cancels off. These Gen 5 starters do have great STAB moves, as well as abilities. For example, if Serperior used Leaf Storm and had the ability Contrary, the increase in SpAtk can definitely make up for the stats, in which you may find is a little lower than usual.

But, to answer your question, it's ultimately Game Freak's decision to make it like that. If you look at other generation starters, you might notice that grass Pokemon have a lower base stat than the other two typings, but that's just a random finding. Also, if you look at Gen 4, Torterra has a base stat total of 525, but Torterra is overall a powerful Pokemon. Game Freak doesn't want all the starters to have the same base stat total, so you will assume some Pokemon are weaker bases off of stats - but you should make a decision based off of the whole picture.

Hope I helped! :)

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Thank you, I think I will be choosing your answer as the best, no matter if other people reply, and definitely if other people don't reply!
This answer is mostly good, but I really want to point out that Torterra isn't a powerful Pokemon.
That's opinion based, it really doesn't serve much purpose to the question. Most people have a starter or starter-type they don't like, its normal.
I don't see how it's very opinion-based when only one in 3493 BSS players and one in 12937 OU players disagree with me.