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I am guessing that ducklett is very strong but Swanna is weak
When I checked the stats,Swanna is stronger,
But I guess ducklett with eviolite is stronger, and ducklett is my favorite Pokemon

Swanna and ducklet can only employ offensive and utility roles, they're not made for defense, so there is no good using defensive item on them. The best you can do on them, if you want something more defensive for that particularlly pokemon, is combine offense, defense and utility to employ ofensive roles with moves like Rost, double team, brave-bird, scald, etc. In that moveset for example, swanna has defensive move like rost and double team, but it still empoly ofensive role, because it combine double team and rost to regain health after a sucessfull bravebird, being hard to miss with double team. But swanna and ducklet just can't employ defensive roles, defensive moves on them are just for suport, not even their overal stats shows  that, is like trying to use blaziken and Charizard for defense, they're just not made for this, so using eviolite on their pre-evolutions don't do any good.

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In terms of defenses (Def/SpDef), a Ducklett with Eviolite will turn up stronger - as do many other NFE (not fully evolved) Pokemon. But, Swanna does provide the edge in every other stat. Also, since Ducklett and Swanna share the same characteristics as far as abilities, weaknesses/resistances go, and moves go, your decision ultimately depends on if you want a defender on your team, or an attacker.

If you want to use Ducklett with an Eviolite, you should look at it's IV's and Nature (you don't want low IV's or a hindering nature for a stat you want). Also, consider EV training Ducklett in Def/SpDef. Since, Ducklett is significantly slower than Swanna, and has a low base Spd, you definitely want your defenses to shine, if speed is not going to play much effect. And in terms of moves, you want to choose status moves like Toxic, Feather Dance, or Defog, since attacking won't be much help in this case.

However, trainers almost always evolve Ducklett into Swanna, as it is a much more preferred Pokemon in terms of being a moderately good sweeper, and I think a special-move Swanna would work better than a physical one, since it doesn't learn any physical STAB water moves. Even though there are much better Pokemon than fulfill your request, I think Swanna would be a good choice for a standard Black/White team.

Overall, this is ultimately your decision, but I would recommed: Ducklett = defender/status user and Swanna = moderate sweeper, based on who you think is better for your team.

Hope I helped! :)