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My question is the title pretty much but in case you guys would like to know why I messed up, read below.

I did the “trick” at Route 4 but, I did it too fast and he never went back I’ve spent hours cycling and chasing him but he NEVER lets me.

Example: I'm four routes away I get in my back and go next thing I know he's four routes BEHIND ME and he loops so I try to go the the routes the loops AND HE CHANGES AGAIN THE PATTERN!

Any help is much appreciated, after all I didn't get event legendaries only the ones in game (I'm lazy and don’t get up to date)

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0~0 how does that even work?!
Your character chases an AI and each time u meet it it counts the timer when u see it 10 times it teleports the bird to sea den and the AI ( aka Pokémon ) is interactible where you may catch it well I have seen it 3 times and it’s leading me on a chase that I need help with.

If your question was how the route four thing works the read below

Go to camphire town ( town new to route four )
Go to the entrance to route 4 ( there’s yellow tall grass right above )
Go in the yellow tall grass and see the bird
Go immediately back to camphire town and wait 5 sec ( or longer to be safer )

Note: the first time you do this [b] [u] MUST BE THE FIRST TIME YOU SEE THE BIRD ALSO

finally the starter you choose is the bird you see ( look at other pages for more info on this )

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This is just how the roaming encounters work, they are random. If you move to one area, they may switch to another. You can try going back and forth across a route/town boundary until Articuno is in your area.

Thanks very much