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When I hunted Galarian Moltres and Zapdos, they went in a circle (Zapdos circled around the early game part of the wild area, while Moltres went around soothing wetlands, the sea behind the tower of waters, the station, and the dojo) and I caught them by intercepting them. I haven’t found Galarian Articuno yet, and I want to get him too. Is there any pattern he goes around, or atleast a place he likes to hang out?

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Galarian Articuno flies the shortest distance away and makes their way to the top of the Crown Tundra mountain. You can return to Freezington and make your way to the mountain’s peak to meet up with this powerful bird Pokémon.

You have to roam around the entire Crown Tundra area and listen for Articuno’s distinct cry. When you do find it, Galarian Articuno is floating in the middle of the air waiting for you. It won’t run away. However, when you approach it, it divides itself into three copes, and you to figure out which is the real one. If you’re wrong, it runs off, and you have to find it all over again and repeat the process. Once you do find the correct one, you can battle it.


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