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When I get far in the battle frontier, they always pit me against the most unfair pokemon. They always have the best moves and typing. I'm sure it rigs that, but it seems I always get unlucky too. I mean they ALWAYS get critical hits at the most CRUCIAL moments, and moves with a tiny chance of an added status problem always end up working. Like when I was on the 10th pokemon at the battle hall. It was a ludicolo. I would have TOTALLY had him, legit ok, the next move was a 100% KO. So I guess it was funny when its last ice beam froze me X( ! And kept me frozen for like 4 turns. I've only frozen like 5 pokemon in my whole life! So, does the game do stuff like that on purpose at the battle frontier or what? because that crap never happens unless im in there!

I was battling Hall Matron Agatha. I was using Empoleon against her Cloyster.

1)Empoleon uses Flash Cannon. Cloyster becomes Red HP.
    Cloyster uses Ice Beam. Empoleon soaks the hit. Empoleon gets frozen.

2) Empoleon is frozen, it can't move!
     Cloyster used Ice Beam

3) Empoleon is frozen, it can't move!
     Cloyster used Ice Beam

4) Empoleon is frozen, it can't move!
     Cloyster used Ice Beam

5) Empoleon is frozen, it can't move!
     Cloyster used Ice Beam. Empoleon Fainted.

I hate her for that reason. I reached her five times and the game turned against me!!!

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No although the typing might those pokemon probablly just were prepared the game doesnt have a mind so it cant do anything on purpose its all chance and the creators....

Good answer, but no matter what ANYBODY says, I don't believe you.
......thats okay satoshi probablly in't that mean :D