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First it is gen 7 Ubers tour finals, middle of a battle with e killer on my side (last Pokemon) and pixie-Arceus on the other.
Then it goes for Will-O-Wisp and missed while I went for Swords Dance after it. Then I used Extreme Speed and of course it doesn't kill. THEN they missed Will-O-Wisp again! I KO them next. Out comes his Ho-Oh with 40% health. I finish him with a crit. First I told my opponent congrats for winning because I freakin got over hax luck. What are the chances of this happening!?

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What does SD stand for?
Not a complete answer since this doesn't include the crit-hit rate, but the accuracy of Will-o-Wisp is 85. The chance for Will-o-Wisp to miss is 15%, so if we multiply 0.15*0.15, the chance of Will-o-Wisp missing twice would be something like 0.0225, or 2.25? (Are either of them correct)
SD is Swords Dance.
were there any other stat changes?
no, no other stat changes except Swords dance.

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Accuracy of Will-O-Wisp: 85

Probablility of Will-O-Wisp missing once: 15%
Probability of Will-O-Wisp missing twice: 2.25% (15/100 * 15/100) (consider it as 2.25/100 or 0.0225)

Critical Hit Chance: 1/24 (4.16%) (consider it as 4.16/100 or 0.0416?)

Total Probability = 0.0225 * 0.0416 = 0.000936

In other words, 0.0936% of this event happening

Hope this helps :)

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Lmao I should go to lottery. :|
Isn't crit chance 1/16?
- Slash deals damage and has an increased critical hit ratio (1⁄8 instead of 1⁄24).

Oh ok sorry
The Critical Hit chance was 1/16 before Gen 7.
Oh that's why I felt it wrong. Thanks!
Oh I didn't know! Thanks for telling!