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So, for today’s Pokémon GO Electabuzz community day, I found 2 shiny electabuzz in a row, though I never encountered electabuzz before, what where the odds of this happening?

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what where?
In Pokémon GO. That’s where I found two shiny electabuzz next to each other. On was 3 stars and the other was 2 stars. They were the only electabuzz visible from where I was. I was at home.

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Odds of getting a Shiny Electabuzz: 1/24 on its Community day
Getting two in a row: 1/24 x 1/24= 1/576 (decimal form) to percent = 0.00173611111%
Hope this helps!

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Converting to a percentage is too much of a bother.
Yeah, it’s kinda hard to do for me, and I just think this is easier to ask real people what they think. Thanks Swastik.
No problem.
As a percentage, you have to multiply it by 100%, which would make it 0.173611111%, not 0.00173611111%
Too hard to understand. Can you please edit it?