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I'm chaining for a shiny Numel in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, and I might have broken my chain; however, I'm not sure. Is there a way to check or anything that could hint at it? Thanks. I can provide more information if you need.

I don't think DexNav chains can be broken.

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Well, recap some of these points and determine if you broke the chain.

  • Putting your 3DS in standby mode (If you see your trainer starting to move, stretch, or sleep, you may may have broken the chain)
  • Encountering another Pokemon than the one you're chaining
  • Walking or Running won't work; also use sneaking
  • Don't run away from a battle; defeat each one (this also applies for Teleport)
  • Leaving the area or running into a trainer battle

Please reply if none of these is the case

Hope I helped! :)

If it says that the Pokemon I'm chaining can't be found, and I encounter a hidden Pokemon that isn't the same type, does it break the chain? For example, I was looking for a Numel and it said I couldn't find one, so I ran around and a Machop was shaking in the grass. I sneaked and encountered it, then I fainted it and kept going. Does that break the chain?
Yes. If your chaining Numel but encountered a Machop, it broke your chain