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I got 2. You can't redeem 2 on 1 game.

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Technically it is for SM as it is a Event Pokèmon so probably not but I cannot be sure as USUM hasn’t come out
The event cards they handed out where I am don't mention US/UM at all, so I'm doubtful, but obviously don't know for sure.
OK thanks.
My question is how you managed to acquire two cards.
I was asked if I wanted two but I said no... not that hard
The Noby was the person I was referring to, but...they're not supposed to do that, it's supposed to be one per customer. Lucky.

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The file that the system uses to handle event distributions is called a wonder card, and it's capable of storing quite a bit of information, including "which games are allowed to redeem this event". The wonder card for the Marshadow distribution specifically only includes Sun and Moon as games that can redeem it, while some events like the Celebi you get for ordering G/S VC off the eShop do say that they can be redeemed on US/UM, so the wonder cards without those flags definitely won't work on the new games once they come out.