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Ok so I haven't been playing Moon in a while, but I just heard that Marshadow was released. Does anyone know how to get her?

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I though Marshadow was genderless.
Yes it it is, but when people say 'he' or 'her' and they are referring to a pokemon with no specific gender, it is basically the person's opinion on what gender they think the pokemon is.
People are already using him in Free Battles. They always win :(
That's probably because you don't have a Rayquaza. Get a Rayquaza.
I do have a Rayquaza, I just need to transfer it.
How did you get Rayquaza?
He probably caught it in ORAS.

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Marshadow is a Mythical Pokemon which means that like all Mythical Pokemon with the exception of Deoxys, It'll most likely be only obtainable via event.
A Marshadow event for Europe/North America has not been announced yet, so all we can do is wait.


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Why is deoxys mythical?
Before Gen 6 (ORAS), Deoxys was previously obtainable only via event. With ORAS, it was available at the end of the Delta Episode.
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In case anyone should search and find this question:

The above answer is outdated. On August 28, it was confirmed that Marshadow will be available in the United States and Europe from October 9-23. It also comes holding its special Z-Crystal Marshadium Z, allowing it to use Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike. It will be available by a special serial code distributed by GameStop, so hurry before they run out of stock on them.

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I'm pretty sure there will be another event coming after this since the Pokemon sun and moon website says this, "This FIRST opportunity to get Marshadow won’t last long. If you want to get this amazing Pokémon, be sure to visit GameStop from October 9–23. Then get ready to shine in battle with the Mythical Pokémon Marshadow in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon!"
What makes you think it'll be in this generation? Did it happen with Jirachi? Sure. Not until Platinum, though, did it become available after the RS release in 2003.